Therapeutic Approach

Focus Counselling and Psychotherapy was established in 1997. Both practitioners are fully qualified, experienced therapists and full members of the Irish Association for Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy and registrants of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy.

The primary approach of the practitioners at this Practice is as the professional membership suggests, humanistic and integrative. ‘Humanistic’ is a term used to describe the primacy of respect and regard held for all individuals as they engage with the complexities of their human experiences, including their innate potential to change, and work with psychological development possibilities. ‘Integrative’ refers to the ability to engage through emotional, sensory, behavioural/cognitive and physiological levels of human experiencing. The humanistic and integrative approach facilitates increasing awareness and it also supports the exploration of wider perspectives. In this way it offers space for the client to locate and identify their own individual authentic expression.  It is this fundamental part of the process that can provide the clarity and standpoint to further address or resolve particular issues and difficulties presenting, including understanding and resolving the impact of trauma.

Central to the approaches of both therapists is to facilitate the experience for clients of ‘being met’ or in other words feeling understood and supported at a profound level. This is arrived at through the provision of a safe and contained environment along with the exclusive, prioritised commitment offered by the therapist. It is also very important that the client feels at ease in relating with their therapist, who throughout the process will focus skillfully while drawing from her expertise and experience in responding to their concerns and dilemmas.

In addition each therapist has a particular specialist approach. These different approaches offer deeper engagement possibilities. More information is available on the therapists profile page on this website. A prospective client may find themselves drawn to one of these approaches, please state this on any enquiry.